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A leading company in the distribution of frozen products, Sweet Silvia Iv LTD is a symbol of quality and excellent service.

Our keywords to success are ‘attitude and relations’ - attitude toward the products we choose to represent and offer, attitude to our work and responsibilities, attitude and relations to our clients and partners.

Sweet Silvia Iv LTD is a family company, established in 1992, which since then, for over 15 years now, has been developing and growing its activities, product range and market coverage.

The company is an exclusive distributor for Bulgaria of world’s leading brands for frozen products such as: Greens (Belgium), F&F and FrioFrigo (The Netherlands), Pastridor (Belgium), PartnerBack (Germany), as well as leading Bulgarian brands of chicken products.

In 2008, Sweet Silvia LTD completed and moved into its new office and storage in Blagoevgrad, the capacity of which is made to offer direct service and distribution to our clients in South and West Bulgaria. In the rest of the country, our products are represented by partners and distributors, who offer the same range to their regional clients.

Sweet Silvia LTD aims at and makes continuous efforts to present an excellent selection of products for HoReCA clients, as well as retail clients on the Bulgarian market.

Sweet Silvia LTD distinguishes itself with quality of its products and services, responsibility, flexibility, personal and individual attitude to its clients and constant effort to fulfill the demands and needs of its clients and partners.